Grassroots – 25 Years in 25 Minutes

In early 2018 Luke was commissioned to create a talking heads documentary for the Luton based christian ecumenical organisation called Grassroots who were celebrating 25 years of work. They wanted it to feature reflections from past and present team members, ‘Partners in Mission’, trustees, funders, partners, volunteers and more. Over 45 people were interviewed over several weeks to tell the story and the ethos of the work of the last 25 years of Grassroots. It became known as 25 years in 25 minutes.


“From the outset Luke advised and guided us on our vision. The final video is amazing – sleek, professional, engaging, colourful – exactly what we wanted. We are indebted to Luke for being able to turn our scribbled list of ideas into a reality!”

Ciaran O’Brien, Grassroots Programmes and Operations Manager